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We have expertise in a wide range of general and commercial law. Our experience will serve your needs in an efficient and productive manner at a fair price. More than that, we strive to reduce the worry and the stress of your legal process. We work to help you understand your legal options — and then work to provide an optimal result.

Who We Are

Hello, I’m Ed Rapier, managing partner. I will be directly involved with all clients, all cases. Your initial consultation starts with me. I graduated from Tulane Law School in 1986 and have decades of experience in corporate law, litigation, regulatory compliance, and business planning.

Practice Areas

Personal Injury Law

This is the area of law where an individual is injured do the actions of someone else. This most often occurs when there is a vehicle accident, however personal injury cases can happen in a multitude of different circumstances.

Commercial Law

Commercial law is a broad area of law that includes providing legal advice on all phases of business formation, development, and continuation.

Real Estate Law

Real Estate law is the area of law that mainly deals with issues with the title or deed to one’s property, and leases between a landlord and a tenant (whether commercial or residential).


Estate Planning

Proper estate planning helps individuals and their families provide for the long-term best interest of their families. This area of law deals with the preparation of wills and powers of attorney .


A succession is the process of settling a deceased person’s estate and distributing the property to the heirs after the debts are paid.

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1107 Williams Blvd Kenner, LA 70062

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