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Get Legal help with your Hurricane Ida insurance claim

The aftershock of Hurricane Ida.

Many southern Louisiana residents suffered serious damage to home and property. Now some of us face the added challenge of insurance settlements that are insufficient to restore our property or recovery our storm expenses. If your insurance claim adjuster has awarded you less than the cost estimate being provided by your contractor, we should talk. In cases where you are not being treated fairly, we can help – you won’t have to face the insurance company alone.

Hurricane Ida creates loss and damage

Residents ask Insurance Companies to help

Insurance Companies use a claims adjuster to determine settlements

Residents get cost estimates for repair work from contractors

There is a discrepancy between initial settlement and true restoration cost

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Contact my office to schedule an appointment. I will sit down with you and review your case – at no cost to you. Together we will decide if and how to proceed with the insurance company who wrote your policy, but may have failed to provide you with full benefits.

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Your initial consultation is free. Bring a copy of your homeowner’s policy and any claims letter(s) your may have received from your insurance agency. We will evaluate your claim and make certain that you are being treated fairly.

What to bring to our initial meeting


Copy of your homeowner’s policy


Insurance company’s claims number (if you have one)

List of damages from the storm (we can discuss to make sure you’ve thought of everything)

Letter from insurance agency providing their claim adjustment decision

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Hello, I’m Ed Rapier, managing partner. I will be directly involved with all clients, all cases. Your initial consultation starts with me. I graduated from Tulane Law School in 1986 and have decades of experience in corporate law, litigation, regulatory compliance, and business planning.

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